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Boxes EPK


Manchester I England



Country I Alternative Rock 


Years Active:

2018 - Present



'Devil in the Distance' Release Date 


Short Bio

Boxes are a four piece Country Rock outfit hailing from Manchester, UK.  But can also appear in an acoustic duo

The band have been hailed as 'Nashville -Upon-Irwell' as they have been likened to the country scene in the Southern states but have maintained elements of the North West of England deep within their music.  The river Irwell being the river which flows through the city they now reside in, Manchester. 

After growing a following putting on live streams during the COVID 19 lockdowns the band went on to have success with their first EP 'Why Don't You Listen' and their following on track 'Over'.. Their new single 'Over' hit the number 1 spot on the iTunes country charts and was played on the BBC,  Country Line UK, Absolute Radio as well as many independent stations - the single even caught the attention of The Shires who highlighted Boxes as their one to watch on their Apple Music radio show.

Boxes have also featured on official BCMA line ups, Tennessee Fields, Buckle and Boots and other country shows

Devil in the Distance - Single Breakdown

The song takes on a retrospective view of hard love, going out drinking all night, getting into trouble and the anxieties driven by all these… but, at least having stories to tell from the gained experiences. 


 ‘I’ve never been perfect, I’ve not been close to hear angels sing’ 


‘I’ve seen the night sky more than the sun, the bottom of a beer can more than my mum and i’ve heard words, that were never spoken’


‘I’ve got stories, some a tall and some are short, but by the end of the first one you’ll want to hear them all’


There is a proud riff throughout the song which captures the emotion in the tale, one which we are hoping will become a symbol of the song.

Band Members


Dave Mitch Miller -

Lead Vocals/ Guitar


Josh Smith - Lead Guitar/ Harmonies


Tom Adams - Bassist


James Saunders - Drums


Stage Plot

Input List


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