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Manchester I England



Country I Alternative Rock 


Years Active:

2018 - Present



'OVER' Release Date 

7th May 2021

Short Bio

Boxes are a four piece Country Rock outfit hailing from Manchester, UK.  

The band have been hailed as 'Nashville -Upon-Irwell' as they have been likened to the country scene in the Southern states but have maintained elements of the North West of England deep within their music.  The river Irwell being the river which flows through the city they now reside in, Manchester. 

The band is made up of David and Tom, who went to school together in the Lake District, James who went to the same university as David and Josh who established the band with David after meeting at an open mic in Manchester

Over - Single Breakdown

Over is a song about a breakup and all the feelings which come with a relationship coming to an end.  The very name itself sets out quite strongly  that the relationship is officially over, the first and second verse set the scene of when the relationship came to an end, when she walked out. 

The chorus is asking several questions to her; if she was ever really there for him? was the love ever really true? Because everything he felt was always true, from the moment he met her and to some extent still is.  'My hearts been there ever since that I met you' 

The third verse is all about wondering who's fault was it that it was over, was it his for keeping things stale in the relationship? He tries to reauure himself that it she was quite hard to read - he questions what he could of done different.  

The fourth verse is an acceptance of it being over, and that even after all this heart break and love lost that he would do it all over again for the good times, as they alone were worth all the pain he know feels.

Band Members

Dave Mitch Miller -

Lead Vocals/ Guitar

Josh Smith - Lead Guitar/ Harmonies

Tom Adams - Bassist

James Saunders - Drums


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